Wonderful Response

We are so grateful for the support given on 3rd April.

Thank you – Vide Grenier Sunday, 3rd April

All set up and waiting to sell

We had a wonderful response to our Vide Grenier on 3rd April. We thank all those who worked so hard on the preparation and on sale day. All of us at Grande Daze Rescue are very grateful to everyone who donated goods and to the people who bought something. As always, we all enjoyed some delicious cakes. We will be able to care for the rescued animals for another few months.

We hope we’ve made you smile

A big thank you from all the woof, woofs, meows and chirrups.

To Remember Irene

Our dear friend Irene Coles recently passed away and her wishes were for donations to be given to Grande Daze Rescue instead of floral tributes. We are very touched by her kind thoughts and thank Irene for her past support and generosity. For those wishing to give please mark your donation ‘To Remember Irene’ click : http://Paypal.Me/Grandedaze Thank you.

We will always remember Irene as a very private, generous person. We have a special memory when her face was lit up with absolute delight at our Christmas Fayre whith her arms overspilling with gifts she had bought. We are deeply saddened by her passing and our door is always open to her husband Steve and Eddie, their much loved adopted companion. Rainbow Bridge