Thank you to the benevoles

Hello All You Benevoles,

What a phenomenal result we got for the Christmas Fayre and Vide Grenier. A BIG, BIG, well, HUGE THANK YOU to the librarians, the jam makers, marquee squad, sellers, tea ladies, artists, knitters, flyer deliverers, convoy of drivers, poster makers, printers, wrappers, packers and unpackers, website and facebook contributors, furniture movers, toy makers, refurbishers, those who sew and crochet, door personnel and photographers and last but not least the cooks. The sale on the 14th was our most successful ever and it is all thanks to your efforts. All at Grande Daze are very grateful. We go into the winter with confidence that we can care for the animals now in the rescue centre and those we have yet to meet. We look forward to our next get together and hope you will continue to support us. You are valuable to us and we treasure you all.

THANK YOU! Anita and Peter and all of the whoof, whoofs, meows and chirps!

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