Solde de Printemps dimanche 19 Mars

Once again we have some wonderful bargains. From lovely pictures and decorative items like vases for those beautiful spring flowers to the necessities such as pots and pans, laundry baskets, ironing boards, bed linen, tableware and electrical goods.

Come and browse through nostalgia in our record collection and DVD’s at the lowest prices imaginable!


Grande Daze Rescue Center had a good year. We have made progress in the rehabilitation and adoption of some of our dogs.

Unfortunately, cats are very difficult to adopt and many people do not understand the cost of vaccination and identification which is, like dogs, mandatory for cats.

Thank you all for coming to our sales. Thank you also to the Mairie’s office for its constant support, the free loan of the hall and the take-out sale organised this year for the benefit of associations. We couldn’t help so many animals without you.

We are working on group walks so the dogs can be socialised. Covid has been difficult for everyone and a lot of dogs today are suffering from this period where they have not been able to be socialised properly.

If you need help with your pet or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us – we always have a solution to offer you.

Anita and Peter Edwards, Grande Daze Refuge
(02 43 90 75 83)