Our beloved Nippy, taken from us so swift on 03/10/2019. Peter and I have never had such a wonderful dog and we miss her dreadfully.

Not a day goes by now that we don’t smile at her memory. She was a wonderful assistant who helped many people smile and so many dogs with behaviour problems we lost count.

Darling Nippy, the hole you left will never be filled. It has taken Peter and I some time to mend. Now with your beloved memory and all you taught us we will continue our work while you run free to Rainbow Bridge.

We love you always,
Anita and Peter Edwards xxxx


With the kind permission of Colin we bring you news of Jenny.
Many of you know Jenny through vide-greniers and the shop here at grande daze. She had a fall on new years eve and remains in hospital very, very unwell.
Everyone at Grande Daze wishes to send Jenny all the love and get well wishes and we hope she is soon home with Colin and her beloved dogs.
We all wish Colin, Ruth, Matt and Sandra health, courage and strength as they wait at Jenny’s bedside.
Jenny your fundraising for the animals here at Grande daze has been a passion and drive for you. Please now use that passion, strength and determination to get well.
Every one of us wants you home xxx
We will update you here as we have news.
Anyone who wants to leave Jenny get well messages may do so in the comments and we will pass them on.
UPDATE 20/01/2020 The hospital say every thing is going well and in the right direction
UPDATE 07/02/2020 Jenny remains sedated. She is being looked after by an excellent medical team and supported by her loving family. We continue to cross our fingers, send our love and pray for her.

Avec l’aimable autorisation de Colin nous vous apportons des nouvelles de Jenny.

Beaucoup d’entre vous connaissent Jenny à travers vide-grenier et la boutique ici à Grande Daze. Elle a fait une chute le réveillon du nouvel an et reste à l’hôpital très, très malade.

Tout le monde à Grande-Daze souhaite envoyer à Jenny tout l’amour et avoir de bons voeux et nous espérons qu’elle sera bientôt à la maison avec Colin et ses chiens bien-aimés.

Nous souhaitons tous à Colin, Ruth, Matt et Sandra la santé, le courage et la force alors qu’ils attendent au chevet de Jenny.

Jenny ton implication et ta passion dans la collecte de fond pour les animaux de Grande Daze ont été une force pour toi, utilise la maintenant pour te rétablir, tout le monde veux te revoir à la maison.

Nous vous tiendrons informé de l’évolution de la situation de Jenny ici. Cet espace vous est aussi ouvert si vous souhaitez lui laisser un message

MISE A JOUR 20/01/2020 L’hôpital dit que tout va bien et dans la bonne direction

MISE À JOUR 07/02/2020 Jenny reste sous sédation. Elle est prise en charge par une excellente équipe médicale et soutenue par sa famille aimante. Nous continuons à croiser les doigts, à envoyer notre amour et à prier pour elle.


Penny is a 6 year old Jack Russell who was found running along a busy road with her daughter.

The 2 lovely ladies were brought to Grande Daze Animal Rescue Centre and they were adopted to different homes.

Penny is now much loved and lives with another Jack Russell and two beautiful Labradors.


When he was very young Luke was rejected as a hunting dog and left to live in a concrete bunker. He was fed but never exercised or handled and therefore didn’t know how to behave. A kind young man came along and brought Luke to Grande Daze Rescue Centre where he was bathed, fed and made comfortable.

Luke was re-homed and now lives with Poppy, a black Labrador, several cats and a very kind lady who loves him. The two dogs attend agility training and lead a very active, happy life together.

Luke has also grown in confidence from a scared, shaking dog when he arrived at Grande Daze to attending his first agility shows in 2019 and happily socialising with strangers there.


Stella, a beautiful companion. A four legged friend who will never be forgotten.

In her early life Stella didn’t know love and affection – she was being trained to be a fighting dog; but she couldn’t make the grade because she wasn’t aggressive enough! After receiving physical and emotional scars Stella was abandoned by her cruel first owners. Fortunately, she found herself in a rescue centre where she was seen by a caring young man who fell in love with her and took her home.

Stella stayed all her life with this young man, who married and had children. This happy family loved Stella who became a faithful, gentle member of the family, travelling around the world and sharing their adventures. Sharing love and care helped Stella recover from a frightening, violent beginning. She lived for 17 years with her caring human companions sharing love and loyalty and only her physical scars gave a clue to her former life.

This beautiful dog was a glowing example of how love and care for a rescue dog can reverse a bad past and reveal a wonderful companion.

Sadly, Stella died in her 17th year. She will live on in the hearts of all those who knew her, especially, her loving family.

A special dog returned to stardust

Stella 2002 – 2019