JERSEY AGILITY FESTIVAL 8th – 11th September, 2022

We all enjoyed this event and have some lovely memories.


It seems only right that I start my report with our Rescue Dogs, Fleur and Luke.

FLEUR – Denise and her late husband, Alan Belson, gave Fleur, a Terrier Cross, her forever home. So as not to be out done by Denise’s other dog Pip, she began her agility career as soon as she was in good health. Fleur, who is approximately 9 years old, has gained many awards here in France and came up trumps with a 1st, 2nd & 3rd at Jersey.

We are so proud to have these veterans on our team . They prove to people what can be achieved with a dog who had a really bad start in life. She wasn’t an easy dog to train but Denise has never given up on Fleur. Well done to both of them . Above all, we run agility for fun – winning is a bonus! The Experience of Competition and the story of a Rescue dog

LUKE – the 7 year old Fox Terrier was given his forever home by Helen. It hasn’t been easy training for this pair as Luke was afraid of verbal commands. To gain his confidence we used a clicker, which proved very successful as communication and enabled Luke to overcome his shyness. The see-saw was the greatest challenge and as you can see, with Helen’s patience and encouragement, this particular piece of equipment is now no obstacle! Helen and Luke have worked very hard to gain their Agility Pass (here in France you have to pass a test before you can compete). It was fitting that this pair should go to Jersey. WOW – did they do well! Every day Luke gained 2 awards and some days he bagged 3! This is a magnificent feat and I, for one, am very proud of them. You can read about Luke here THE PROGRESS OF LUCKY LUKE aka MR. FOX

Knowing rescue dogs the way I do, understanding the pain and fear they may go through worries me greatly. Seeing these 2 dogs achieving so much lifts my spirits and they go to the top of the class. Well done!


As I explained earlier, to compete in France requires passing a test, but how do you get the ring experience that is needed? – be lucky enough to go to Jersey.

ROO, the 18 month old Poodle, is owned by Helen and the pair gained their first ring experience in the huge Jersey Boot Camp! Helen was brave enough to run Roo as well as Luke. Roo got round all of the Agility Courses and now eagerly awaits the 2023 season when he can gain his Agility Pass. I wish them success and a wonderful, happy agility career together.

BLAG is a Collie Cross Terrier rescued street dog who is about 2 years old. Blag joined the little canine family of Nadège a short while ago. He is at the very start of his training and Boot Camp was a great adventure! The pair have put in some wonderful work and now look forward to gaining Blag’s Agility Pass in 2023. They too are wished happiness and success in their agility adventure.

KAYOUS – My young girl – what can I say? Like all of our team and many of you, we missed time due to the pandemic. Boot Camp was wonderful for Kayous; she made a good effort and enjoyed her time in the ring. We have serious training to do but we will have fun and enjoy learning – that’s all you need.

Now to the novices of our team, ROXANE and Maryse, who made it to Boot Camp. The pair could be forgiven if they had been overwhelmed by the event; but they took it all their stride and gain a 1st and 2nd. Not a bad result for Boot Camp Guys! It’s wonderful, well done! The Experience of Competition and the story of a Rescue dog

HERA and Nadège are, like Fleur and Denise, an experienced pair in our team. Now 10 years old, Hera was bred by Nadège and is a true working Jack Russell Terrier. It is not easy to train a working terrier for agility but Nadège, along with Peter and myself, has spent many hours patiently guiding Hera’s hunting instincts into a fun time of agility. This duo did not disappoint and came up trumps with many firsts, making the Final and winning! A magnificent result! We are proud to have both of them in the Grande Daze team. Congratulations!


My boy KODIE

I have had the privilege of many wonderful dogs in my life. I have trained and “rehabbed” many many dogs.

Having enjoyed Agility for 38 years and watched the sport get FASTER AND FASTER, I have trained Kodie to work away from me – distance control. I have very bad arthritis in my legs now and wish that I was 20 years old again!

Kodie put in some wonderful rounds at Jersey; good enough to gain a place in the Final. All courses are numbered, 1-20, and you have to work your dog round with no faults. What a wonderful round – Kodie did all I asked and more. Then, handler error! I forgot NO 10, so, this year we didn’t win. Click to read about Dear Kodie!

Most of all I have the wonderful pleasure of working my dog with expert Judges looking on. Read A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE

Thank you one and all for a Super Four Days.

We all enjoyed this event and have some lovely memories. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my report and that it has given you an insight into what we try to achieve here at Grande Daze.

Best Wishes, Anita

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