Puppy Class of 2021

2021 Preview

Perhaps you’d like to join us? Please look out for the start of our 2021 Puppy Classes. We also anticipate a certain benevole joining us for Puppy Classes with her awaited miniature poodle! Hope to see you and your young companion.

See details on Puppy classes | Classe pour chiots


Osska has a new home.

Osska was found as a puppy at a Vide Grenier. I had watched a skinny young dog from 6.30 am when we arrived to set up our stall at the last Vide Grenier of the season. It wasn’t unusual to see a dog wandering freely as people set up stalls. But I kept an eye out for this little chap as he kept appearing around all of the stalls. He never seemed to belong anywhere. Then, when everybody started to sit for lunch he was in big trouble ………. to read more about Osska please go to Happy homes.

AGILITY RESULTS for 25th October

Fin was in First place in agility class Grade 2; he won the class – WELL DONE FIN

Kodie was fourth in the jumping, whilst Héra gained 2nd place in 2 of the agility and jumping courses. For Izzy it was 3rd place on the agility course.



During November we are holding an exhbition of pastel and charcoal Pet Portraits by Jennifer M. James at the Au Pain Doré, Fontaine Daniel. We are grateful to our clients for loaning their pictures. For sale are a few items and Grande Daze will benefit from the proceeds:

Original small paintings €10 to €15,

Trinkets pots decorated with pet portraits €10 to €15

and postcards at .50 cents each.

You might like to browse through the portfolio of prints and stories about the animals that have been painted whilst you wait to purchase your bread and cakes!

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 regulations have necessitated the closure of the tearoom but it is still possible to view the exhibition. Au Pain Doré is open to sell their delicious bread and cakes and Madame Walter will be happy to serve you.


Sadly, on Friday, 30th October, Grande Daze lost one of our best friends, Caramel, the beautiful Golden Retriever companion of Delphine and her family.   We will always remember what a beautiful agility team the pair made and how much fun they had together on the course.  Caramel and Parsnip were wonderful friends.

We give our support to the family at this difficult time.  Caramel will be missed by everyone.

Anita, Peter and the Grande Daze Agility Team.   Rainbow Bridge


We know that these past few months have been very difficult for everyone and your generosity has astounded us.  Thank you to each and everyone of you for the donations, the support in purchasing from the Gee Dee’s Shop, the €2 Shop, Click and Collect and the Facebook pages of some of our Benevoles.   Thanks to your kind hearts we  have been able to continue to feed the animals, take care of routine vets visits for yearly vaccinations and ensure that all of the animals remain healthy and happy.

All of us are facing difficulties because of the necessary Covid-19 restrictions and we hope that you all keep well and safe for when better times are upon us.  Take care everyone.  See you soon.