The Agility Team Results – 17th July

Kodie won the 2nd part of his brevet in the latest round of the Agility Competitions. He and Anita made a clear round in the Grade I course and finished in 2nd place overall; one more winning event and he will go into the Grade 2 Class. And to add to this he got a 4th in the Open Agility. Kaos is next in line and we will report on her results in the future. Read about – Dear Kodie!

Luke and Helen did well maintaining their constant and steady 2nd place. Luke is Helen’s first agility dog and together they have learned the ropes. We have high hopes for them in Jersey. You can read Luke’s story – click THE PROGRESS OF LUCKY LUKE aka MR. FOX

Nadège and Hera are collecting points for a hopeful entry into the French semi-finals. Hera is 10 years old now and will probably retire from competitions next year. However, Izzie is a champion in the making.

Our most senior team member, Denise and her little rescue Fleur continue their enjoyment getting around the courses and gaining many noteworthy results. Denise has already achieved great things with 2 previous rescue dogs, the most recent being Pip who retired at the end of last season. You can read about Pip – click THE RETIREMENT OF PIP

We are very proud of all our team members and, in particular, Denise who may retire at the end of the year; we hope that she will change her mind when the end of the year arrives.

Everyone is looking forward to the Jersey competition in a few weeks time. The Jersey event will be posted on the website.


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