As many of you will know, our shop came into existence because of Jenny Dew. Unfortunately, circumstances have meant that the shop hasn’t been open properly because of Jenny’s passing and because of the pandemic.

With respect to Jenny and to continue to use it as she intended, our shop is now open again. We have some things old, some things nearly new, nothing is borrowed but we do have some things that are blue!

If you’re interested in old prints, come and view a vintage print circa 1921-66; and if you like iconography or just like the old masters, this print of El Greco’s ‘Madonna Dolorosa” was sold by The Zwemmer Gallery, Litchfield Street, London WC2. The Tate Gallery holds the records of this company in their archive.

We would consider a fair offer if you would like to make this little piece of history your own!

Nothing is expensive and much of it is interesting.

Remember. – just €2 will feed a collie sized dog for one week!

We are open Tuesday to Saturday and there will always be someone around to welcome you and assist you.

IT’S WORTH A VISIT! (You might even catch sight of our Agility Team training for one of their national competitions)

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