Rainbow Bridge

Losing a pet or someone close is heartbreaking, so many of us take comfort in knowing that they are waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. Rainbow Bridge is a place, just before heaven where our loved ones are restored to health and no longer in pain. While they wait for their friends, they get to enjoy open fields and endless sunshine, with hundreds of other friends to enjoy freedom and peace.

On this page we remember the much loved companions who are waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge.

To Remember Irene (March 2022)

Our friend Alan Belson (March 2022)


Caramel (2020)

Michel (November 2019)
Joyce: a big thank you (2019)

Parsnip (October 2019)
Stella (2019)
Bertie (May 2019)

Maddi (June 2018)
LD (January 2018)
(January 2018)

(November 2017)
Tina (October 2017)

Rainbow Bridge

Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

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