27TH JULY 1947 – 24TH JANUARY 2021

Well,,,,sad news arrived for Grande Daze on 24th January. Jenny Dew died at 11.55 am after a year and 23 days in hospital and, I believe, she made it to heaven for lunch! Her funeral was on 1st February and Covid-19 restrictions meant that many of you would not have made it to the service. I still cannot believe she will not arrive here – we miss her.

As a tribute to Jenny we celebrate her life. Many of you new her as the Book Lady or to get your jams but she was so much more. These short paragraphs cannot do her justice. It was an honour to have her as part of my life.

I first met Jenny when she rescued a greyhound named Willow. Willow had no bark but had a bit of a bite around other dogs, so, our adventures began with training a badly behaved greyhound. During the training sessions Jenny’s love for animals shone through. It was obvious that she admired the work Peter and I were doing. To this end Jenny helped us Register as a Rescue and a Charity and our fund raising began.

Hog Roasts, Fairs, Curry Nights, Bangers and Bingo, Bric-a- Brac sales, Dog Fun Days, Dog Training Demos,,,,Jenny was brilliant at all of this,,,she loved it! Jenny had a love for books and helped in the library at Viva for many years, She would also hold book sales at her house. Her memory was amazing! My favourite memories are of the Vide Grens when Jenny would remember the authors of books that people like to read and the flavour of jams they enjoyed – she would have the goods waiting for people to collect.

We would often play a game at the boot fairs. Each of us working on the stall would pick an item and the first one to sell would get a prize of an ice cream, yes, you’ve guessed, Jen would always win – I still owe her four!

Some of you met Jenny at these events, others came because they knew Jenny and wanted to help. It wasn’t long before a mobile home was donated to the Rescue. Along with others Jenny helped organise and open Grande Daze Charity Shop. Jenny really loved the shop and her knowledge of old stuff and all sorts of bric-a brac was remarkable. On her trips to the UK she would often take things to Auction.

All THE FUNDS HELPED MANY DOGS AND CATS. Many of you reading this may well have a Grande Daze Rescue animal and regardless of race, breed or creed Jenny helped us all – she lived for it, she loved it!

The Adventures and memories are endless.




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