The Round Way to Fundraise

We thank everyone who donates anything to help us care for the rescues but this particular donation seems to have made everybody feel happy.

Ann Taylor advertised spare wood and fencing on Facebook.  Alan Morpeth answered the advertisement and agreed to Ann’s proposal to give a donation to Grande Daze instead of paying her.  Ann was happy that her spare goods had been collected and Alan was delighted to have the wood.  All the animals have the benefit of this deal and everybody is happy!

 Thank you for your generous, thoughtful and rounded way to fundraise.


and see below to link to our upcoming demonstration on 25th June

A big thank you to everyone for such an enjoyable day on Sunday, 12th June. We are very grateful to all of those who participated in the demonstration and we hope that the event was a good one to remember.

We also thank the spectators. We hope that those who had a taster of the agility course enjoyed their experience and will join us at the Centre to learn more.

For some of the dogs and handlers in the demonstration it was their first experience in the public eye. We give them a big hug and lots of treats. The rescue dogs showed how the right care, attention and love can heal the difficulties they have experienced in their past lives. Each dog displayed confidence and trust in their human companions, demonstrating how vital our behaviour is in shaping the responses from the dog.

At Grande Daze we endeavour to assist humans and dogs understand each other. We hope that we helped show that it isn’t necessary to be a champion in the agility ring. It is possible to achieve a rapport with your pet by using household objects in a game. Confidence is gained and trust is built without severe discipline. Any mistakes around the agility course are a shared experience and as each session progresses the mistakes are fewer and the relationship between human and canine companions is deepened.

We hope to see you all at our next event on 25th June Comice – Pays de Challaind

THANK YOU, Anita Edwards

Education and Hoopers

Exercising and training the aged and the young

See the sequence of pictures showing Reboot being educated

Reboot is a Jack Russell Terrier 18 months old and is in the early stages of her education. As you can see she sits and waits, watching her handler walk approximately 25 metres away and then stand behind a semi-transparent screen for the count of 10.

As her handler returns, Reboot waits excitedly and she is then given a reward for her good behaviour.

As this exercise progresses the distance will increase and the screen will be made opaque. It is intended to build rapport between dog and human and confidence that the human will return.


Hoopers is the new discipline being used for the more mature people and their pets. The discipline is inteneded to help the older dogs maintain their health through gentle excercise. We also use this activity for the puppies, so, from youngsters to golden oldies, Hoopers is for everyone!

The first day.

Watch our videos on Youtube to see Hoopers


Anita, Nadège, Reboot and Mange Tout went to a dog show and came back winners!

We are the Champions! What a fantastic weekend our Grande Daze show dogs had on 7th and 8th May 2022 – it’s definitely one to remember. Nadège and Reboot with Anita and Mange Tout came back from Saint-Brieuc as National and International winners in their breed categories. CONGRATULATIONS!

Tutti (Mange Tout) – Griffon Bruxellois (Female)

Saturday 7th May – CACS, Best of Breed (Female)
Sunday 8th May – CACS, CACIB, Best of Breed (Female

Reboot – Jack Russell

Saturday 7th May – (Special Jack Russell day) CACS, Best of breed
Sunday 8th May – RCACS, RCACIB

CACS is a national prize delivered by Société Centrale Canine (SCC)
CACIB is an international prize delivered by Fédération Cynologique International (FCI) 
RCACS or RCACIB means reservist (2nd place  but if the dog with 1st place died or is disqualified then the reservist moves to 1st place)

To Remember Irene

Our dear friend Irene Coles recently passed away and her wishes were for donations to be given to Grande Daze Rescue instead of floral tributes. We are very touched by her kind thoughts and thank Irene for her past support and generosity. For those wishing to give please mark your donation ‘To Remember Irene’ click : http://Paypal.Me/Grandedaze Thank you.

We will always remember Irene as a very private, generous person. We have a special memory when her face was lit up with absolute delight at our Christmas Fayre whith her arms overspilling with gifts she had bought. We are deeply saddened by her passing and our door is always open to her husband Steve and Eddie, their much loved adopted companion. Rainbow Bridge