Agility Training

Anita and Fin weaveOur agility training focuses on building the bond between you and your dog. Our aim is to make daily life easy and happy for both of you by aiding you in teaching your dog to come when called, sit when asked, and behave well in general. We use our equipment to make learning fun for your dog, but everything we teach has a useful purpose outside of the show ring.

Do keep in mind that lessons are a support to your own training at home. We can advise and guide you with issues you may be having, along with providing a fun, bonding hour once a week, but for progress to be made practice makes perfect!

A normal lesson begins with a walk, all dogs and owners are able to socialise and get to know each other before the lesson officially starts. The lesson itself is approximately an hour long, and followed by a coffee or tea and a chat. Lessons take place in a controlled, safe environment.

We offer lessons throughout the week and for all levels, from beginners to advanced and competition standard.
If you wish to start agility training, and age is no barrier for human or dog, get in touch to arrange a free assessment. This initial assessment will establish which class will suit you best, and give you a flavour of what to expect from future sessions.

Initial assessment FREE!
10€ per lesson, pay as you go.

Obedience training is also available, an assessment will be needed.

Competition obedience training is available on request, each session is 20 minutes long and must be pre-booked.

We also provide behaviour management lessons for dogs with a specific problem; coming back when called, fear of people, car travel, etc. Contact us for more information.

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The real joy of agility

It is not the winning or going clear. It is not the equipment or shows. It is not hero worship or faint praise.

It is the relationship and bond between you and your dog, that individual closest of ties you build, with the simplest of looks between each of you and you both know, the unconscious communication that is second nature between you, the sense of joy in being with each other competing, training or resting. That sense of togetherness as you wait to compete and, after, walking back to the car.

If you know these things and have them with your dog, then you have won agility regardless of rosettes and trophies.

-Steven Seal

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