The adoption of an older dog is perfect for “us oldies”

When earlier this year I lost my beloved little dog of many years, I felt my world had ended and the void she left was almost unbearable.

At nearly 78, a widow, no family and not as mobile as I would like I tried hard to accept that another little dog was just not a realistic possibility.

The day’s turned into weeks but the awful solitude did not improve. I knew I could still look after a little dog but the question of what would happen to it should I be no more  kept rearing its ugly head.

After much soul searching I looked into the possibility of adopting an older dog. I contacted several Associations whose reaction was not over enthusiastic, a little dismissive and thus did not inspire confidence.

I then spoke to Anita at Grande Daze and within minutes my spirits soared. This remarkable lady seemed to understand perfectly my situation and concerns. She quickly pointed out that  should I adopt a dog from her Rescue Centre she stipulated that in the event of me not being able to care for the animal it would be returned to her and instructions to this effect must be made.

Anita then mentioned she had a little elderly lady in her care who needed a home after her previous owner became ill. And so a week later I met Mrs Potter, my nickname for her, as she loves just  pottering about. She is the most adorable 12 year old Jack Russell cross goodness knows what, an absolute sweetie, who settled incredibly quickly thanks in part to Anita “packing her things” bed, blankets, food treats and even her favourite flower pot drinking bowl  which can only emphasize the compassion and understanding  she has for  the animals.

Where else should Mrs. Potter be?

Mrs P made herself at home almost at once and 10 days later she is my shadow, my friend – my world and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to share my life with her.

Perhaps after reading this, whatever your circumstances a dog (or cat) is a wonderful addition to ones life and the adoption of an older dog is perfect for “us oldies”(not compulsory!) as well; they ask for so very little but give oh SO much in return.

Much is made of caring for the elderly but dogs get old as well and deserve the very best and lots of love in their golden years.

With many years of experience in the canine world and good judge of humans, Anita ensures the best possible match. Mrs P and I are testament to that.

Its been quite  a week, not only really getting to know Mrs.Potter but coping with “the curious” who have all agreed Mrs P, as I have nicknamed her, ( well you did say she liked pottering ,) is an absolute poppet.

She has met the Springer who will be here just for 24 hours next weekend – no problem.

I honestly cannot think of a single thing I don’t love about my new companion. What more can I say? She is eating well, loves her trips round the back garden and, of course, “Pottering” about – fence reinforced…! It’s like Fort Knox !

Thank you Anita

Best Wishes Jane & Mrs Potter


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