Good Citizens

Reboot and Roo have gained the Qualification from CSAU, Certificat de Sociabilitè et d”Adaptitude À l’Utilisation – Good Citizen. The Poodle Roo, with Helen, learned good behaviour in the Obedience Classes at Grande Daze Animal Companion Centre, as did Reboot, the Jack Russell, with Nadège.

The training began with Puppy Classes when both dogs, after vaccinations, were able to mix with other dogs. They progressed through the course doing, for example, the sit and stay whilst Helen and Nadège were out of sight. Confidence in the handler and the trust built up between them enabled the puppies to develop into well behaved and loving companions who are able to cope well with all situations. See Education and Hoopers.

We congratulate all of them and thank them for their trust in Grande Daze to educate them in human and canine companionship. We hope that their examples show that a rapport with your pet can be very rewarding. Sharing social events with your pet gives the occasion an added dimension and pleasure. Breeding and looks aren’t everything – you can have the ugliest cross-breed in the world with good manners if you put the time and work in. We welcome newcomers to the Centre to educate any age to enjoy a rich companionship with their pets. To contact us please see Contact Us

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