Saturday’s Comice was a fabulous success and an exciting event.  Peter and I thank all those who participated for their absolutely marvellous effort and for all the hard work both on the day and before hand.  We hope to have some lovely photographs of this event in the coming weeks and will post an article on the website.  For now, a BIG, BIG THANK YOU!”


The Demonstration on 12th June

You can achieve much with very little

We had a wonderfully successful day at our first demonstration for several years. For many of the dogs and their companions it was the first time they had worked in public on the agility course and they all did remarkably well. We congratulate them on their achievement.

Roo in the wheelbarrow

When giving a demonstration our aim is to show that it isn’t necessary to have purpose built obstacles or to go round the course perfectly. What we consider important is the rapport between dog and handler/companion and it can all be fun. Ordinary household objects such as a kitchen stool or a wheelbarrow can be used to give your dog something interesting to use to build up confidence and trust in the commands given. For those who watched us on the day we hope that you enjoyed the day.

Please see below some video clips of the event.


and see below to link to our upcoming demonstration on 25th June

A big thank you to everyone for such an enjoyable day on Sunday, 12th June. We are very grateful to all of those who participated in the demonstration and we hope that the event was a good one to remember.

We also thank the spectators. We hope that those who had a taster of the agility course enjoyed their experience and will join us at the Centre to learn more.

For some of the dogs and handlers in the demonstration it was their first experience in the public eye. We give them a big hug and lots of treats. The rescue dogs showed how the right care, attention and love can heal the difficulties they have experienced in their past lives. Each dog displayed confidence and trust in their human companions, demonstrating how vital our behaviour is in shaping the responses from the dog.

At Grande Daze we endeavour to assist humans and dogs understand each other. We hope that we helped show that it isn’t necessary to be a champion in the agility ring. It is possible to achieve a rapport with your pet by using household objects in a game. Confidence is gained and trust is built without severe discipline. Any mistakes around the agility course are a shared experience and as each session progresses the mistakes are fewer and the relationship between human and canine companions is deepened.

We hope to see you all at our next event on 25th June Comice – Pays de Challaind

THANK YOU, Anita Edwards