At Grande Daze we promote companionship between humans and their pets. Our story this month is about the relationship and the bonds created within a family for their animals and how this family are now part of the wider ‘Grande Daze family’.

This is the poignant story about Voyou, the ‘chef’, his canine friends and his human family.

Waiting for dinner

Riblette was the first Jack Russell Terrier companion that the family had. Twenty or so years ago Jack Russells were not very well known in France and when a litter of Riblettes puppies came along not all of them sold. Voyou was a gift from Dad to Mom and he became a loyal and protective companion, ensuring that unexpected visitors could not harm Mom. In fact, he was ‘top dog’ and made that very clear to other dogs but he was a little more tolerant of female dogs! This game little terrier was gentle and kind to the younger members of the family and loved to play with them with balls and sticks.

Reading the news
Voyou, Delta & Venus

Venus was Voyou’s litter sister and the only female, so, she too, stayed with the family and in time gave birth to 2 litters of puppies. When Venus had her puppies Voyou became their teacher and, as with the children, he was gentle and taught the puppies the limits of the game, stopped play if the puppies cried out and disciplined them if necessary. Though Venus was a fantastic mother the youngsters in the family shared in caring for the puppies. When Venus’ milk dried up everyone helped with feeding her babies puppy food. Even the neighbour helped by providing pieces of rabbit which Venus collected and gave to her puppies. Having a litter of puppies about the place was definitely a family affair.

From the first of Venus’ litters came Delta, who, because she was very small, stayed with the family. Delta went on the chaisse with the Dad of the family. She was taught how to hunt foxes and other animals by her grandmother Riblette. Sadly, as the family grieved and came to terms with the loss of their Dad, Delta couldn’t understand why the chaise was finished. Alone, she chased the foxes near to the house and returned exhausted and bewildered having had no one with her to share the day.

This grief and sadness was compounded when the strong bond with Voyou came to an end. After Voyou’s death, even with the other dogs around, Mom felt that the house was empty.

Whilst accompanying Anita to the Angers Dog Show, Mom discovered the English Bull Terrier and fell in love with the breed. Everyone welcomed the new puppy into the family and Venus and Delta accepted her and played with her as a puppy. Now a beautiful full grown Bull Terrier she is strong, so, the terriers play outside to have the space to move out of the way. The old ‘chef’ is gone and the new order is Delta, then Venus followed by the ‘new girl’.

The family take their dogs to Grande Daze agility and show ring training and are active participants in many events. With the help and guidance of Anita and Peter, the ‘new girl’ is now becoming an experienced competitor in the show ring and has already won several rosettes.

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