Parrots, they’re like buses, nothing arrives and then 2 come along at once; that’s how it was with Coco and Ritchie. Both of these lovely feathered companions are now in their forever home at the Centre. However, we now have to watch our p’s and q’s as Coco, a vivid green and yellow pied boy, is a chatterbox; he quickly picks up words and repeats them. Fortunately, he is settling in and he has taken to Peter. In the mornings it is ‘Morning Peter’ and ‘Goodnight Peter’ last thing at night. I never get a mention!


Coco, an Amazon Parrot, was grief stricken when his human companion of 26 years died a few months ago. Parrots create a strong bond with one person for life. The widow of Coco’s companion visited the Centre with a view to adopting a dog. Anyone who has ever visited Grande Daze knows that their conversation will be interrupted by the chatter from the parrots near the office. The parrot cacophony was music to the ears of the owner of Coco and she asked our advice regarding how to help him get over his grief. After a lengthy conversation and much soul searching it was decided that Coco would live with us. Happily, the lady fell in love with Dora, a rescued dog. Everyone is now settling down to the new arrangements and Coco will get a visit (Covid-19 restrictions permitting) now and again from Dora and the Lady.


Ritchie’s circumstances were also sad. He was attacked by the family cat so they had to choose between him and their other much loved pet. He is a very quiet sort of a chap and much smaller than Coco but then Coco is at least 26 years old, whereas, Ritchie is just a baby at 8 months old. He is a Parakeet and his plumage is very delicate as his head is pale lemon with his body being light grey and white. Everything is new for Richie and he appears very curious about his surroundings. He watches me with interest when I work in the grooming room.

Once they are acclimatised to their new surroundings these 2 feathered friends will join the other parrots in our aviary. We hope that Ritchie and Coco will maintain the standards expected of all the animals at Grande Daze. However, we will apologise in advance for any lapse in good manners. We can’t imagine how such insensibilities could occur but ………….

Take care. Best Wishes Anita Edwards

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