We are thrilled to see Billie looking so happy. Thank you for giving him a loving home, it gives our hearts a lift so we can carry on and help the next dog that comes along. May Billie and all his new mates go from strength to strength.

Thanks so very much for our lad. He’s a delight! The dogs are being great with him. He was a dream in the car; the 3 amigos all together in the back and not a peep.

He’s settling in fine and keeps checking in for a cuddle. We feel very lucky.

Thank you for what you do. We wouldn’t have our lad without you.

Mr Tom

Dear little Mr Tom, at last it looks like you’ve found your forever home! Big big thanks to Francois and Colin for adopting you and huge thanks for the donation which we will put to very good use to help all your friends at Grande Daze.

We are delighted with Mr Tom. We call him little Tom, he does not care either way ? 3 weeks and he is part of our life?
After losing our dear Picatchou life was very gloomy. Now all is well again and it is reassuring to know we can always go to Anita and Peter for help and advice??