We are delighted to advertise Retrobelia for Ann and Les who are kindly helping Grande Daze with Beady’s Bargains.

Ann Taylor is launching a new enterprise called Retrobelia. Based in Brécé, Ann has a wonderful shop full of vintage items from the 50s, 60s and 70s. She has dedicated a corner to her cat Beady, where there are all kinds of bargains to be found. Proceeds from the sale of Beady’s Bargains go to Grande Daze. There is also a collection box for people to add a few centimes!
We wish Ann and Les every success in their new venture and thank them for their support. Anita

My News to Everyone

Another busy and interesting month. We have articles about 3 of our rescues, Gloria, Mrs. Miggs and Malcolm for you to read NEW ARTICLES

We have good news on the AGILITY page. We are very happy.

I have also, sadly, posted a notice to alert you to possible scam fundraising. You can read this here RESCUE CENTRE or on our HOME page at the bottom of the Rescue Centre column.

We have good news to say that we will be having a Christmas Fair and Bric-a-Brac sale on Sunday, 14th November, 2021. Adverts will be on this Website, our Facebook pages, Posters around the area and flyers will be distributed to let everyone know about this event which will be held in the Salle de Fete at La Bigottière.

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There are no special items on the website this month. We are very grateful to everyone for so many lovely donations and it is difficult to choose things to advertise. Please visit our shop for a browse around. We’re sure that you will find something you didn’t know you needed!

Thank you for reading my news and for supporting us. Looking forward to seeing you soon.