You can enjoy a relationship with your dog!

Tutti was :
Saturday : 1excellent, CACS, best of breed.
Sunday : 1excellent, CACS,CACIB, Best of Breed

Reboot was : 
Saturday : 1st Très Bon
Sunday : 1st Excellent, RCACS, RCACIB.

Whether it’s just sitting by the fire, walking in the park, racing around an agility circuit or beautifully groomed to strutt your stuff around the show ring you can enjoy a relationship with your dog. At Grande Daze we do all of these things.

Our two champions in the show ring triumphed again in Mid December. With Anita and Nadege, Tutti and Reboot really enjoyed parading around the show ring in Nante for another breed show. Their garden of rosettes is growing beautifully!


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