Please note that the Covid 19 Regulations will apply appertaining at the time of the event. Since regular changes are occurring that are not in our control we are obliged to follow the Mairies advice at the time when our events take place.

Click her to read – Purple Van – Bric-a-Brac Sale 23rd April, 2022

Click here Wonderful Response – Vide Grenier 3rd April, 2022

Vide Grenier 3rd April, 2022

See our Facebook page – Gee Dee’s Sales and Events where you can purchase goods which help to finance the care of all our animals.

Click here Thank you to the benevoles


The Grande Daze Christmas Fayre and Vide Grenier was a wonderful, successful day. Thank you to all who supported us. You have enable us to go forward into the New Year giving care to all of our Rescued animals and those yet to arrive. €5 feeds a cat for one month and €2 feeds one dog the size of a Border Collie for a week. It costs €60 per year for vaccinations and additional costs for anti-parasite treatment for each cat and dog. For new arrivals there are immediate health check expenses that cannot be predicted.


The predictable expenses are spaying and neutering, ID chipping, and testing for cats Aids. The number of animals we have in our care changes all the time as some are re-homed and others arrive. We get no Government help.

Should you wish to donate to help us care for the animals you can do so through Facebook on PayPal.

Three hundred people walked through the door which surpassed all our hopes and the last Christmas Fayre which was held in 2019. We are grateful to all of you who supported us on Sunday, 14th November and hope to see you and new friends at future events. Have a happy, healthy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2022.


Our Christmas Fayre is early this year on Sunday, 14th November at the Salle de Fete in La Bigottiere. We have lots of bargains, lovely gifts to buy and raffle prizes. We are also holding a Vide Grenier on the same day and at the same venue.

THE SHOP All year round 10.00am – 4.00pm


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