Education and Hoopers

Exercising and training the aged and the young

See the sequence of pictures showing Reboot being educated

Reboot is a Jack Russell Terrier 18 months old and is in the early stages of her education. As you can see she sits and waits, watching her handler walk approximately 25 metres away and then stand behind a semi-transparent screen for the count of 10.

As her handler returns, Reboot waits excitedly and she is then given a reward for her good behaviour.

As this exercise progresses the distance will increase and the screen will be made opaque. It is intended to build rapport between dog and human and confidence that the human will return.


Hoopers is the new discipline being used for the more mature people and their pets. The discipline is inteneded to help the older dogs maintain their health through gentle excercise. We also use this activity for the puppies, so, from youngsters to golden oldies, Hoopers is for everyone!

The first day.

Watch our videos on Youtube to see Hoopers

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