Stella, a beautiful companion. A four legged friend who will never be forgotten.

In her early life Stella didn’t know love and affection – she was being trained to be a fighting dog; but she couldn’t make the grade because she wasn’t aggressive enough! After receiving physical and emotional scars Stella was abandoned by her cruel first owners. Fortunately, she found herself in a rescue centre where she was seen by a caring young man who fell in love with her and took her home.

Stella stayed all her life with this young man, who married and had children. This happy family loved Stella who became a faithful, gentle member of the family, travelling around the world and sharing their adventures. Sharing love and care helped Stella recover from a frightening, violent beginning. She lived for 17 years with her caring human companions sharing love and loyalty and only her physical scars gave a clue to her former life.

This beautiful dog was a glowing example of how love and care for a rescue dog can reverse a bad past and reveal a wonderful companion.

Sadly, Stella died in her 17th year. She will live on in the hearts of all those who knew her, especially, her loving family.

A special dog returned to stardust

Stella 2002 – 2019


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