Wonderful Response

We are so grateful for the support given on 3rd April.

Thank you – Vide Grenier Sunday, 3rd April

All set up and waiting to sell

We had a wonderful response to our Vide Grenier on 3rd April. We thank all those who worked so hard on the preparation and on sale day. All of us at Grande Daze Rescue are very grateful to everyone who donated goods and to the people who bought something. As always, we all enjoyed some delicious cakes. We will be able to care for the rescued animals for another few months.

We hope we’ve made you smile

A big thank you from all the woof, woofs, meows and chirrups.

Our friend Alan Belson

It is with deep sadness that we announce that, after a long illness, our friend Alan Belson has died.  

Along with his wife Denise, Alan was a founder benevole, sponsor and supporter of the Grande Daze Rescue charity.  He will be in our hearts forever and we express our deepest thanks and gratitude to him for his help.   All of us at the Centre send our sincere condolences to Denise and the family.  

Rest in Peace Alan

Alan’s funeral will be on Friday, 1st April at 11.00 am at Mayenne Crematorium.

As a mark of respect the Grande Daze Purple Van will be at the Crematorium to represent all of the animals Alan helped.

March Update

Oh, what a month February turned out to be! Wet,wet, wet and lots of extra washing and drying furry dogs, their bedding and towels. But the ‘daffs’ are blooming and it makes me feel that sunshine is around the corner! Oh dear, as I write this it’s raining again!

At last, after moving stock around, our new storage for the bric-a-brac is completed and our shop is re-stocked. Thank you to everyone who helped with this task. When bric-a-brac is delivered to the Centre it can be put into our store shed which should keep things much tidier.

I’m really pleased that during the last few weeks 4 of our rescues were re-homed. All of our rescues and, particularly, our long term friends have benefitted from all the donations of duvets etc. which one of our benevoles has sewn into suitable animal bedding. Among the the very kind people who have given our rescues a care, safe home is a lady who has adopted one of our disabled companions. This little furry friend has difficulty walking but, like all of our animals, she responds to kindness and is a loving companion. Thank you to everyone who has found it in their heart to adopt one of our rescues.

Take a look at our Rescue pages Adoption where you can read about stories of some of the animals we have helped. You can read why you don’t see mug shots of our rescues looking like items on a shop shelf! The slideshow on our rescue page is of animals no longer available for re-homing.

During March we are working hard organising for our first vide grenier of the year. On 3rd April we will be at our usual venue, the Salle de Fete in La Bigottiere, and there will be lots of bric-a-brac bargains and crafts made by our benevoles. In the sale this time we have 2 record players in very good condition for those lovers of the old fashioned vinyls. Included with each player will be a selection of LP’s.

At this event we will be abiding by the Covid regulations applicable at the time. Look out for our adverts around the area, on our Facebook page, Facebook Gee Dee’s Sales and Events page and here on our website.




Another month has gone by and we are now looking forward to the better weather. We will post on the website and our Facebook page the date when the hooplah sessions will begin and we’re looking forward to seeing you. We will comply with the prevailing Pandemic regulations at the time of commencement of the sessions. This month we have a story about the bond between pets and those who care for them VOYOU AND COMPANIONSHIP.

During January we have been busy organising new storage for the Bric-a-Brac and re-stocking the on site shop. Very shortly all the mess of getting things ready should be completed. There are lots of wonderful bargains in our Grande Daze re-cycling effort which helps finance the costs of caring for the rescued animals.

Steve at Mange-Tu? in Gorron is kindly allowing us to put our distinctive ‘Purple Van’ in his car park where we will be selling Bric-a-Brac. We are very grateful to Steve for this kindness and hope that you will go into the Mange-Tu? shop to buy English fare or the café for a bite to eat and something to drink when you visit the ‘Purple Van’. LOOK OUT FOR THE DAYS AND TIMES in my next upate.

We hope that you are all safe and well and that we will see you soon.

Best Regards, Anita