Virtual pet show

As we are unable to run our planned Doggy Fun Day event this May, we are holding an virtual pet show both to fundraise and to help us all have some fun!


Best Pet Partner (your pet assisting you working from home)

Animal Hero (stories of pets who are everyday unsung heroes, whether supporting owners with their mental health, saving people from disasters and everything in-between)

Pet’s Got Talent (videos of your pet’s cleverest tricks)

Best Family PAWtrait (photos of your pet and their siblings or fellow housemates.)

Best At Home Obedience (videos showcasing your pet’s obedience skills; sit, down, stay, send away, recall, etc.)

Most Adorable Animal (photos of your pet looking their most adorable)

Fancy Dress (show us your pet’s best outfit)

Most Like Owner (are you a matching pair? Let’s see just how alike you are)

Best Smile (your pet looking their happiest)

How to enter?

You will have 10 days (Monday 4th May – Thursday 14th May) to post your entries to any classes you want to enter on your social media.

You must tag us in your posts, they must be set to public and must include a link to Grande Daze’s PayPal for donations:

Find us on Instagram or Facebook: @GrandeDaze53240 using #GrandeDaze

Every entry must be a separate post and state which class you are entering.

How much is it to enter a class?

It is FREE to enter but all donations make a huge difference to our small, animal rescue charity. You can donate by:

posting us a cheque to Grande-daze Animal Companion Centre, La Grande Gaudiniere, 53240, La Bigottiere.

By bank transfer IBAN: FR76 1790 6000 9096 3725 2040 721

Through our PayPal account.

How will judging work? 

On Saturday the 16th May we will add all entries to albums for their appropriate classes on our Facebook page.

Voting will take place for 1 week. The winner will be the post in that class with the most likes.

Winners will receive a certificate for them to print, share or otherwise display!

Is the pet show open to all pets?

Yes! Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, rodents, pigs, horses and anything else!

You can also enter from anywhere in the world.

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