We were heartbroken to hear of Max’s death, having got to know him and Keith & Margaret through their attendance at agility training. We knew the gaping hole that would be left by the loss of such an energetic and loving dog all too well. We are so glad that Meg was able to ease their pain and that they were able to give Meg the loving home that she deserves.

Meg arrived with us just the day after our beloved dog Max was killed in a road accident. We had just buried him in the garden and we did not know what to do with ourselves in our sadness and shock. Just then Anita arrived with Meg and her favourite collie dog in her van and, bless her, saved our lives that day.

Anita said “just keep Meg to help with your grief,” and of course she did and now lives with us.

We understand that Meg’s history was that her previous owners had worked and left her as a puppy all day and, of course, she hated it and destroyed furniture etc. and eventually arrived at SPA in Laval and was just on the point of being euthanised when Anita rescued her and brought her to Grand Daze!

Meg was with Anita and Peter for years and they vowed that she would not be adopted by anyone who worked full-time, etc. We can only imagine how difficult it must have been to settle Meg after her sad life but, due to the love and affection given at Grand Daze, she is the most wonderful dog.

We have adopted her since March and she comes everywhere with us and its not a problem, we are retired and have always enjoyed walks in the forest and it is possible to leave her in the car whilst we go shopping etc. She is very affectionate and so anxious to please.

We can never thank Anita and Grand Daze for letting us have her!

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