Bo Bo, Frodo and Bert

Jeanne has helped these delightful little dogs to feel calm and secure in their home as they sit on the sofa having their photograph taken. The photograph was used as the basis for the portraits, painted by Jenny, and would not have been possible without the devotion of Jeanne and the trust the dogs have in her. The portraits are possible only because of the love and devotion between dogs and humans and are a testament to the special relationship and bond shared by Jeanne, Frodo, Bo Bo and Bert. It is a privilege to know such dogs and people.

Frodo, Bo Bo and Bert are real chums living happily together. All 3 had a bad start in life. Frodo, a young and boisterous Jack Russell, found himself homeless and then in the Rescue kennels, his previous life is a mystery.

Bo Bo’s story is tragic as he was ill treated by his previous owners and was found with various injuries, including having had something poked in his eye. Fortunately, help was at hand and he was given veterinary care and I nursed him back to health. Bo Bo has been brought back to physical health but is timid and afraid except when being given loving care on the sofa with Frodo and Bert.

It is thought that Bert was a hunting dog who got lost and no-one bothered to look for him. He was found under a car, starving and covered in scratches as though he’d been running through brambles. I had asked Anita and Peter to call me if another Jack Russell arrived at the Centre and thus Bert entered my life. He had so many scratches on his face that the name Scarface was considered, however, Bert became Bert because it suits him. As you can see from the portrait he’s now quite a handsome chap.

These 3 terriers were found at different times in different places and all were malnourished and in poor condition. With the assistance and expertise of Anita and Peter and, of course, the kindness and patience at home, there is a happy outcome for these lovely dogs.

Bo Bo is the cheeky Yorkshire Terrier and Frodo is the serious chappy on the left of the painting, whilst Bert reclines on the right, leaning on the arm of the sofa.

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