Thank you to Barry & Christine for giving Mollie/Collie a wonderful second chance at life. We were so sorry to hear that their first adoption experience was not a good one but are pleased they gave adoption another chance and found their experience with Grande Daze much better. It is our policy not to rehome poorly pets, they remain at Grande Daze where they receive all the care they need from us and the vets we work very closely with.

We initially adopted a lovely cat from a different rescue centre. She had no vaccinations & no visits to the vets at all but we took her home to make sure she could have a warm home. The cat was already ill and after many visits to the vets she eventually died.
We were then told of Grand Daze by friends, so off we went. My wife is the cat lover, certainly not me! We went for an adult cat and were asked to make ourselves at home in the cat area. We did not pick a cat at all, this cat picked us. One ear disfigured and went by the name of Colliecat after the cauliflower ear. She had been fully inoculated so the three of us went home.

Colliecat, I ask you! So the nearest we thought would be Mollie. Mollie is a people’s cat. Likes company. Two years on she follows me around indoors and out. Gardening, she is always there right by me. Indoors she always wants to sit on my lap
and go to sleep.

Thanks Grande Daze for changing me from a dog person to a cat person, also giving me a good mate. So many cats and dogs but they were all well looked after there and I am glad the cat chose us as I do not think I could have chosen.

Christine and BarryMollie

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