A big thank you to Jenny & her wonderful husband who adopted little Vincent. Older rescue animals are often overlooked by people looking to adopt, especially ones who are also not the most visually appealing, but they deserve a loving home as much as any other. We so appreciate people, like Jenny, who are willing to give an older dog a happy retirement.

When we met Vincent at Grande-Daze it was love at first sight. Our Jack Russell/Poodle cross (a Jackapoo?) is very elderly, a bit deaf, partially sighted, has difficulty co-ordinating his actions, needs new teeth and some of his ‘manly bits’ aren’t quite in the right place! Oh, and his ears are wonky too and he’s bow legged and his tail is, well, too long and but and and …. oh, he is beautiful to us! He has found his forever home.

It appears that our new friend had been abandoned and thus was malnourished to the point of near death when he arrived at Grande-Daze. True to form Anita and Peter saved his life. He received veterinary care, was given antibiotics to clear up suspected infections and put on a special diet. When we saw Vince he had just begun to walk around. It was felt that he would benefit from a quiet environment and under almost constant supervision, thus, because of our circumstances we were able to give Vincent a home. Our rescued Shih Tzu cross, Jigger Joe, is an affable little fellow who is bilingual; took on the role of “carer”, ensuring that Vincent understood English and could learn the routine of the household.


Caring for an older dog with an unknown past is not for everyone but for us it is proving to be a rewarding and interesting experience. During his first weeks at Grande-Daze he was given the doggie equivalent of ‘Intensive Care’ which is very time consuming and requires special knowledge. When The Centre assessed Vincent was ready we took over his care and we were given instructions on his needs. Grande-Daze has been there to help us every step of the way and given us confidence to care for our little friend who has thrived in his new environment. Without the advice and guidance from Anita and Peter we would not have known how to care for Vincent.

Vince is a lovable, comical, intelligent little elderly gent who has quickly settled in with us. He is putting on weight and his health is improving daily; even his gait is more co-ordinated. He likes to sit in the doorway most of the time and, with Jigger Joe, he takes a walk around the garden. He loves to travel in the car and enjoys a short walk in the park. On sight of his blue food dish he runs
inside eager to eat and the tasty morsels soon disappear. We don’t know the real age of this Charlie Chaplin mimic and we hope that he will be with us for many years. But however long he is with us it will be a pleasure to share our lives with him along with his mentor/carer, Jigger Joe. We didn’t realise that we had a “Vince shaped hole” until we brought him home! Thank you Grande-Daze.

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