A big thank you

Thank you 2017

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us over the past year: the volunteers who organise fundraising events for us, the lovely people who have given our rescues loving homes, the supporters who come & help out at Grande Daze, all the people who train with us at our agility sessions, those who buy from our stalls & attend our events, and the people who donate to us.

Thank you to everyone who sent Christmas boxes & reverse advent calendars. Bless you all. The animals are enjoying some tasty treats!

A special thank you to all our customers of 2017. We wish you all happy new year and look forward to seeing you again in 2018.

Number 1 GeekGrande Daze is a team and everyone who supports us in any way is a member of that team. Thank you all for your support and help throughout 2017.

Special thanks to the following for going above & beyond in 2017:


Thank you for your tireless efforts translating all our information for our French friends and for all the other help you give us. Our irreplaceable, Number 1 Geek!

Our English Animal Aunties

Thank you Alison & Tamzin for working so hard to find loving homes for our rescues, and for taking them into your homes while they found their forever families.
Thank you Ruth for the miles you drive & the time you put in, and for your love and support.
Fiona, thank you for your help in getting some big dogs to the UK.

Denise & Alan

Both have worked so hard to support us there are too many things to list. Due to Alan’s health it is now difficult for Denise, of course we hope they will still continue but we do understand their situation. We love them both and wish them both well.

March Lane (Bushnell Community Solutions)

This is all down to you, we would definitely be lost without you! Huge thanks!

vide grenierThe Car Boot Team

You know who you are! Thank you for all those early mornings!


Thank you from me personally for all the appointments you have helped me with this year, you are a star.

Jenny Two!

All the paintings and visits you have made, leaflets etc. Thank you.

Chefs & Master Bakers!

Thank you to Helen, our superhuman cook!
Thanks to Jeanie, our special pasta cook. Some of the sick dogs we have here would never make it back on their feet if it wasn’t for you.
A huge thank you to our Christmas Cake Fairy for the beautiful cakes which are being eaten and enjoyed.


Our summer visitor, the dog’s miss, and the tea room! Thank you.

Our French Friends

All of you again, you know who you are. A big thank you!

Family Todd

Thank you for all your hard work, donations, and more.

Mrs Ashby & Judy Skinner

Thank you for your kind donations.

Above all a special thanks to my mum who keeps my spirits up when I have had to say goodbye to some of my dear old friends.

Also the biggest thank you to my wonderful husband who does it all, even put up with the ear bashing!

Thank you 2017

A big thank you
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