Ollie is a prime example of why we promote responsible rescue; different dogs have different needs and it is so important that rescue dogs especially are placed in forever homes. The additional trauma of being re-homed and returned because they are not suited to their new family can make building trust and confidence a very big job.
Fortunately Ollie landed on his paws with Nik & Paul and we are thrilled to have been able to re-home him to a family who both know and love Bull Terriers and where he has some wonderful Bullie friends to play with too.

We are a life long bull terrier family. 6 weeks ago a friend told us about a young bull terrier at Grande Daze needing a home and could we help. We made an appt to go and see Ollie with 2 of our bullies, Betsy & Bear, both are rescue dogs. We did a meet and greet in the enclosure. Wowzers he was a handful! We walked and played for an hour which went well but it is impossible to make an informed decision to adopt a dog that has to fit in with others at home based on one hour outside. Anita suggested we take him home to see if it worked in the home, this was important for us as we had another very elderly bullie at home. No dog deserves to be messed around so we wanted to be sure.

Anyone who has been around bull terriers knows the puppies are challenging and many end up in rescue as owners cant cope. They are the most wonderful dogs loving, loyal, hilariously funny but stubborn and head strong, Ollie is no exception.
Once home he clung to my husband and wriggled in next to him on the sofa with Betsy & Bear. He was no problem over night, for the next few days he walked, played, slept and ate with the others, Betsy and Ollie soon became rough & tumble buddies. The older dogs were firm with him and he was just happy to be included. We fell in love with him immediately, he is just a giant baby and after 5 days we knew he was staying with us.

The 2nd week we got full on teenage rebellion; chewing, stealing, naughtiness and pushing his luck, we let him get it out his system. He loves playing with ‘the big dogs,’ Bear keeps him in his place! He loves walkies round the field, good smells, digging and fun. At night he loves to curl up with the others in front of the fire but his real passion is cuddles. He thinks he is a lap dog, bit like a hippo snuggled on your lap! We adore him, he has settled in well with us. He is an angel and monster in equal measures, he needed a home with lots of energy, fun, companionship and love, we are grateful to have him.

We have experienced the less positive side of rescue, poorly, traumatised dogs needing extensive care. However dealing with Anita & Peter is how rescue should be, the happiness of the dog is the main focus, being placed in the right home with security and love for life.