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Notre vie avec les Bergers de Maremme et Abruzzes

Notre vie avec les Bergers de Maremme et Abruzzes

You can read this article in English by clicking here. Beaucoup de personnes comparent les Maremmas aux Chiens de Montagne des Pyrénées voire même aux Retrievers, mais ils n’ont strictement rien à voire avec ces 2 belles races. Ce sont de formidables gardiens de bétails, dont leur beauté cache ce dont ils sont capables. Au […]

Our life with the Maremma Sheepdog

Vous pouvez lire cette article en français en cliquant ici. Many people liken them to the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, or even Retrievers, but they are not like either of these beautiful breeds. Maremmas stand alone. They are livestock protectors whose beauty conceals what they are capable of. Over hundreds of years they have been kept […]
Abandoned working dogs

Working Dogs | Chiens de travail

Imagine, just for a moment, that you are a dog. You’re a dog who has spent its entire life working for a human. You’ve helped them in every way they have asked, no questions asked, no complaints. You have been reliable, loyal and hard-working for many years. But as you get older your joints start […]