Adoption Information

We are proud to be a responsible rescue centre and take finding forever homes for our animals very seriously. Many Grande Daze rescue animals are re-learning how to trust humans after being mistreated or neglected and need owners who are ready for a lifelong commitment to their pet.

If you are looking to add a furry friend to your family we encourage you to contact us to arrange a visit where we can discuss your lifestyle, home environment and what kind of pet you are looking for. This information then means we can introduce you to some Grande Daze rescues who would suit you and your situation, or contact you when a suitable pet comes in. This step is very important and allows us to dramatically minimise rehomed animals being returned to Grande Daze, causing more trauma for the animal.

We aim to teach all our rescue dogs as much about life as we can before they find their forever home. Some dogs arriving here have had a terrible time with people and, of course, don’t speak English. They don’t know about life in a house; TV, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, people sitting at the table to eat, and lots more. We rehabilitate them as much as we can and offer follow up advice and support to help you continue their progress.
All Grande Daze rescue dogs

  • Walk on the lead
  • Know their name
  • Sit
  • Come when called

You can find our success stories on our Happy Homes page and read about other people’s adoption experiences and why they couldn’t imagine a life without their rescue pets.

Policies & Information

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide animals with a safe, caring environment and to educate people in the welfare of the animals they own.

Rescue Policy

Any animal arriving at Grande Daze is immediately assessed by our vets in Andouille. Necessary treatment is given, the animal groomed by ourselves where appropriate and made comfortable in the housing within our premises.
We ensure that all of the animals that come into our care have the necessary inoculations, are neutered or spayed, and have an identity chip.

Training is given to all dogs to ensure that they are socialised, familiar with a domestic environment, and clean in the house. Cats are socialised and handled regularly to ensure that they will be happy companions.

Most of the animals who are rescued do not have pedigree documentation. Almost all of them are of mixed breed. We consider them all to be beautiful and worthy of our kindness.

No sick animal is ever considered for re-homing.
If an animal is deemed to be unsuitable for re-homing they become permanent residents at Grande Daze until they die naturally. Where necessary we give palliative care and take veterinary advice as to the end of life arrangements to ensure the kindest departure.

Re-homing Policy

Our aim is to find compatible homes for the animals we have rescued. We give advice to new owners and offer a training programmed to get to know your pet within a social environment.
Prospective owners are required to pay a donation of at least €200. This fee covers the expenses we have incurred in the rescue and the keep for the animal until re-homing. In some cases the ongoing expense of food and care is a matter of only days, and for others it may be a few months, sometimes even years.
All donations are very gratefully received to meet the demands of the animals needing our care and shelter.
All of the donation goes towards the rescued short and long-term residents of Grande Daze to pay for vets bills, food, warmth, grooming materials and other items. The donations also contribute to the immediate needs of the new rescues that come to the Centre. We are frequently asked to travel to sites to pick up distressed and mistreated animals and this, in itself, has a cost which the Centre has to meet.

Visiting the Centre

We welcome visitors. It may be that on your first meeting at Grande Daze we do not have a suitable pet for you. Our rescued animals have often come to us in tragic circumstances and it is important that we ensure a good match between people and animals. We like to suggest a visit and a chat about your needs in order to avoid mismatches that can be distressing for all concerned, particularly for the innocent animal. Often the animals we rescue need special care as their previous lives with humans have been traumatic. It should also be remembered that an animal requires a certain amount of expenditure throughout life and this aspect should be a consideration in your decision process.
Should you decide that keeping an animal is not the right thing for you we would still welcome you to the Centre. You don’t have to be looking for a pet.

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