As many of you are aware, Gloria was involved in a car accident which resulted in a spinal injury and paralysis in her back legs. In 2019 a sponsored walk raised funds for equipment to aid her to live a comfortable life and for treatment to repair her damaged spine as much as possible.

The wonderful news is that two years on and Gloria is now walking unaided.

The Osteopath has worked miracles with regular treatment to feel where Gloria’s spine is damaged, to release trapped nerves and increase her circulation. It has been a long, arduous road. I strictly manage Gloria’s exercise to ensure that her circulation is maintained and her muscle tone is improved. The recovery could not have been successful without the skills and dedication of Andrea, the Osteopath. Initially, I gave Gloria regular massages and I timed and observed her exercise without the wheeled harness.

We are all happy to see Gloria walking independently but she still requires special care and for the foreseeable future will remain at the Centre. Andrea is expected to visit periodically to check on the progress of Gloria’s recovery and give advice. It takes time for severe damage to heal and repair. We are so happy that we can report the success of the treatment and thank all our supporters for their generosity.

The Centre takes in many dogs for all kinds of reasons from accident victims like Gloria to abandoned animals found by strangers and brought to us. In the case of Mrs. Miggs, her companions could no longer take care of her owing to being elderly and their own ill health. Mrs. Miggs is 11 years old and lived all her life with the same small family. Situations like this are always difficult for humans and canines. Often people are upset at giving up their pet, feel guilty and inadequate and in turn the dog or cat pines and experiences difficulties fitting into life with lots of other dogs around.

Here at Grande Daze we are aware of this aspect of our rescue work. We endeavour to reassure those who have to give up their much loved pet. The dogs and cats are given as much love and attention as is possible. We have several dogs who are naturally caring and like to ‘mother’ dogs who are pining.

After dinner

Mrs. Miggs was having none of this mothering or pacifying attention. She was a friendly, obedient dog during the day but bizarrely at tea time she morphed into a Tasmanian Devil! It became clear that she was ill and her previous veterinary treatment was obtained which revealed a history of nasal problems and arthritis. We have been able to re-home Mrs. Miggs to people experienced in caring for elderly dogs. We again need the services of Andrea, the Osteopath, to restore Mrs. Miggs to better health.

Meeting a friend

Like Gloria, this little Fox Terrier cross also has a damaged spine which only became known after an examination by Andrea. The extent of the damage is that it affects the nerves in her neck resulting in inflammation to the nasal passages causing excessive sneezing and dry eyes because of nerve damage to the tear ducts. In addition to this, her spine is out of line and her pelvic area is also misaligned. This condition is very painful and Andrea’s knowledge enabled her to ease Mrs. Miggs’ discomfort through skilful handling and her first treatment provided some relief. The tea-time aggression is gradually reducing and occurring later as her pain lessens. A series of treatments by Andrea is being undertaken.

We are grateful to Andrea, who, through her gift of empathy, knowledge and skills, works miracles.

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