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Pears’ Soap adverts

Well, you might say that our newest sales item is old hat and, perhaps, they are but they are beautiful. We have a lovely set of framed Pears’ Soap adverts. 6 of these pictures are thought to be original prints cut out of newspapers printed in the late 19th Century and, thus, antique. The 7th picture we believe to be vintage. You will see that we have photographed the reverse of the prints. These cuttings make interesting reading and come from The Graphic and the Illustrated London News of the late 1800’s. You can read about the Pears’ Soap advertising in Pittwater Online News or Artwork for the Masses. The price of each piece seems to vary from €6 up to €120 and more (depending on the seller). This set might be the start of your collection! With this wide range of prices and given the variety of pieces that Pears seem to have printed, Grande Daze is asking for:

€40 for the set (negotiable)

Should you decide to buy this item you will have a lovely set of pictures to grace the wall of your bathroom or the ‘smallest room’ in the house and the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped take care of our rescued animals.

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