Gun dog training


Introducing – Piper (aged 8) and Harry and Dollar, the 2 jet black dogs aged 5 and 6 respectively. These beautiful dogs belong to Carole, who has been training with them since they were puppies. Carole needed to keep up and improve training for the dogs when shooting was off season. Darren Elliott, the Butcher at Gorron recommended Grande Daze and the training sessions began last year. As you can see, the dogs are thoroughly enjoying being put through their paces finding the dummy game in the trees and into the water! The intention is to keep the dogs fit and eager to return with Carole to the UK for the 2021 shooting season.
Anita and Peter are pleased to share their training skills with Carole and it is yet another area of expertise to shine forth at Grande Daze. We would be happy to hear from you if you would like to take part in activities to build rapport and improve the behaviour of your dog.
As Carole says, “its very rewarding to see them grow into good, hopefully well behaved, dogs that are a privilege to own and enjoy”.

Not always where you think I am!
I know it’s here somewhere?
My turn to swim!
I’m yours to command!

See us on the Youtube video on the Practicing Agility post

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