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Please contact Jenny on for information on any of our bargains or to arrange purchase and collection. We have sold one of the ploughs but still have several items to purchase.

French Ephemera

We have received an unusual donation of a collection of ephemera, French Illustrated Sheet Music dating from the 1920’s through to the 1960’s, with the oldest sheets being almost a century old. The collection has been a much loved possession of one couple for the past 20 years. We believe that most of the notation is for piano and piano accordion. This historical ephemera relates to mainly the Paris theatre areas. There are 33 lithographs, 6 Booklets of notation and lyrics and 44 sheets of notation printed on Glassine type sepia coloured paper without illustrations. The printing appears to have been done by a musician/promoter of the 1920’s and 2 major pharmacies of the 1920’s Mictasol, Rue de Four, Mictasol, Boulevard Magenta and Laboratoires Lescene, both companies based in Paris. Each lithograph is very colourful and cartoon like and, definitely, adult humour. Some of the illustrations on the lithographs are risqué and English people would liken them to saucy seaside postcards. The smaller cards are believed to be advertising cards for remedies for home treatment of minor ailments. The illustrated sheet music consists of colourful printed advertising, rather like a theatre programme, inside is the main song of the musical event. Promoters of the events, singers and musicians are prominently focused within the illustrations.

Ideally, we would like to sell the complete collection for €200 but have put separate lots on offer. We would be pleased to negotiate the price if anyone is interested in any of the lots. The Collection is something to be put into a special album and kept to hand for leafing through on lazy days. Each item is fascinating in it’s own right as it provides many clues to follow up on the history of the era.

Please remember that every cent of the proceeds of sale goes to provide food, veterinary bills and all sundry items that the animals require.

For more information about this item please email who will be happy to assist you.


8 Lithographs by Roger Cartier an artist working in Paris in the 1920’s. Single sheets of similar pictures on eBay are priced from €3.50 to €9.00 each. For this part of the collection we are asking €40


14 Lithographs by J. Zouchu another Parisian artist active in the 1920’s. The animals would be taken care of regarding several aspects of their needs if we achieved the price of €70


11 Lithographs of colourful drawings by J. Duchè again a Parisian artist of the 1920’s. As with the other items, similar ones have been valued at €3.50 each. Grande Daze price is 30


7 Booklets of notation and lyrics. This set of booklets is quite rare and we could not find any comparative items, thus, the price is €35

The following picture is just an example of the booklets. Should you be interested in knowing more please contact Jenny at the email above.


42 items of illustrated sheet music/programmes appertaining to musical events in France, mainly Paris. Lovely poster type coloured illustrations showing historical context. Printed in the illustrations are the names of famous singers and musicians, promoters and printers of the time. We are showing just a small selection of items as they are very delicate and we have handled them as little as possible.

To help with the care of the animals Grande Daze would like to raise €80.


22 Glassine sheets with notation that feels slightly raised to the touch. Printed by various companies including Martin Cayla an accordianist who was in his heyday in the 1920’s. Cayla’s musical instruments and other items are held in the National Accordion Centre in Tulle, Correze These items are difficult to reproduce to show their unique quality and, thus, only 2 examples are shown. Should you be interested in this unusual ephemera please contact us. Our asking price is €25

These items are unique to Grande Daze. You may see similar items elsewhere but nothing the same.
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