Well, April is now past and it’s been a difficult month. This month’s update is short and sweet. As usual at Grande Daze we have been busy doing the routine tasks. We are among the lucky ones in these very strange times and it is largely thanks to everyone who has supported us with donations of all kinds. A BIG, BIG, THANK YOU to one and all.

Our hearts go out to those businesses and people who have suffered badly through the lockdown and hope that there is a better future for them very soon.

We are resuming all of our training sessions with the, now usual, precautions to protect against Covid 19. Please contact us if you are not already enrolled and would like to join :

Puppy training classes, agility training, educational/behavioural classes or would like to make an appointment for your pet to be assessed in order to decide on any training needs.

Our site shop is open. Gee Dee’s at Sept Forges is open on Wednesdays – please see our Facebook page for details.

Plans are underway for future fund raising events and the dates will be posted very soon on this website and Facebook.

Our grooming and boarding services are available during our usual hours and we are open throughout the month of May (we are not closing for the bank holidays).

We hope that you are all well and that you will, once again, be able to enjoy the activities and services we have to offer.

Looking forward to seeing you. Kindest Regards, Anita Edwards


Parrots, they’re like buses, nothing arrives and then 2 come along at once; that’s how it was with Coco and Ritchie. Both of these lovely feathered companions are now in their forever home at the Centre. However, we now have to watch our p’s and q’s as Coco, a vivid green and yellow pied boy, is a chatterbox; he quickly picks up words and repeats them. Fortunately, he is settling in and he has taken to Peter. In the mornings it is ‘Morning Peter’ and ‘Goodnight Peter’ last thing at night. I never get a mention!


Coco, an Amazon Parrot, was grief stricken when his human companion of 26 years died a few months ago. Parrots create a strong bond with one person for life. The widow of Coco’s companion visited the Centre with a view to adopting a dog. Anyone who has ever visited Grande Daze knows that their conversation will be interrupted by the chatter from the parrots near the office. The parrot cacophony was music to the ears of the owner of Coco and she asked our advice regarding how to help him get over his grief. After a lengthy conversation and much soul searching it was decided that Coco would live with us. Happily, the lady fell in love with Dora, a rescued dog. Everyone is now settling down to the new arrangements and Coco will get a visit (Covid-19 restrictions permitting) now and again from Dora and the Lady.


Ritchie’s circumstances were also sad. He was attacked by the family cat so they had to choose between him and their other much loved pet. He is a very quiet sort of a chap and much smaller than Coco but then Coco is at least 26 years old, whereas, Ritchie is just a baby at 8 months old. He is a Parakeet and his plumage is very delicate as his head is pale lemon with his body being light grey and white. Everything is new for Richie and he appears very curious about his surroundings. He watches me with interest when I work in the grooming room.

Once they are acclimatised to their new surroundings these 2 feathered friends will join the other parrots in our aviary. We hope that Ritchie and Coco will maintain the standards expected of all the animals at Grande Daze. However, we will apologise in advance for any lapse in good manners. We can’t imagine how such insensibilities could occur but ………….

Take care. Best Wishes Anita Edwards


Think you will have to get comfortable and may be get a cuppa for this long update.

Yet again, I’m late giving you all the latest news and a big, big thank you for the financial help, the gifts of animal food and bedding, the purchase of Bric a Brac and a thank you to those who sell items.   We never take for granted your generosity and how it helps us keep going during a time when everyone is struggling.  Everything is at a standstill in the outside world but, sadly and amazingly, newcomers keep arriving through our gates and our work is never at a standstill.  Of course, re-homing is not possible so our need for funding becomes more acute as time goes on with more mouths to feed.   Just last week we had 5 newcomers including a Parrot!  This feathered companion is quite a cheeky, talkative little fella and Peter and I very quickly learned to choose our words carefully when in his company!  You can read his story in the next blog.

We hope you all had a healthy and peaceful Easter and that we will see you all again soon.

Our most recent big expense has been the necessity for eye surgery on one of our rescues who, happily, is now running around healthy and comfortable.  This poor animal was suffering entropion which required specialist surgery to cut away parts of the eyelid that were turning inwards. Our little companion is making a remarkable recovery thanks to the skill and expertise of the vet.  

Prior to the lockdown our grooming parlour was at full stretch for all our clients who needed a good shampoo and haircut before being ‘confined to barracks’.  We managed to fit everyone in (we hope) but our apologies to anyone who missed out; we will see you as soon as restrictions allow.  Of course, the rescued animals still required grooming and care which I managed to catch up with after the flurry of activity before lockdown.  My arms were going like bees wings to ensure that your lovely companions were clean and comfortable.

Training sessions are suspended for lockdown but our rescued companions are still exercised.  The contact with people other than myself and Peter is a vital part of the rehabilitation of the animals in our care.  The benevoles who undertake the befriending roles are not able to attend and, like us humans, the rescued dogs miss the social interaction and the cats still need a cuddle.  However, our work continues and we endeavour to be with the rescued animals as much as possible. The sand-school is invaluable to us in giving the dogs an interest in life and a purpose in their exercise.  Of course, after the exercise, drying off and grooming is often necessary and we get through dozens of towels and lots of clean bedding (which is why we are so grateful for the donations).  The washing machine never stops!

We continue to sell/reserve items through the website and facebook but our shop, like many others, is closed and outside fundraising events remain suspended during the pandemic.  We do have plans for events which we will post as soon as we can.  Being confined as we all are we are sure that you watch more DVD’s and such like.  We have a data base of DVD’s and CD’s compiled by Veronica Smith and you can contact Veronica through our Facebook page for that film, book or CD that you would really like to watch, listen to or read.  Every little helps us to care for the animals.

Recently, 3 pet portraits were handed over.  The paintings are of one of our rescued dogs who was re-homed several years ago, ‘Poppy – Waiting for Tea’ (posed in the Tea Garden at Grande Daze) and Poppy again, ‘Poppy with Little P’ (a rescued cat); these two companions like to snuggle up together and relax.  

Little P arrived in her home shortly after Poppy was rescued. Little P was left in the car park at Grande Daze, oddly, after a couple had been to pick up their dog which had come in as a stray. They were phoned in case this lovely little feline had got out of the car by accident; they never returned the call. So, Little P went to live with a very kind benevole after it was found that she is prone to upper respiratory infection and needs to be in a home environment. She is a right little madame! She was the link between the lady’s old house cat and the new ones with whom she shares her home. She is still boss lady, living in a household of 4 dogs along with her feline charges.

A collage painting of portraits of dozens of the animals from Grande Daze who have been treated by the vets at Andouille has been gifted to them as a thank you for their support over the years.  The Vets plan to hang this in their new surgery.  Jenny is still able to take commissions for pet portraits during the lockdown to raise funds. If you would like more information please contact her on the email posted on the BROWSE AND RESERVE (previously CLICK AND COLLECT) page.

Poppy is part of our Rescue Agility Team and like all of us in the team she is eagerly awaiting our next competition when the pandemic restrictions allow.  A lack of training together is another aspect affected by Covid-19 and we do our best to keep in shape ready to take on the world.  The Agility Team promotes the activities and purpose of Grande Daze and helps with our fundraising.  We greatly miss the contacts we have made and hope to make more in the future. We also feel the lack of the opportunities to raise awareness about the rescued animals and increase funds.

Remember you can donate via PayPal on our Facebook page.  In the meantime our work behind the scenes continues and we remain busy taking care of the animals you so generously help.

Thank you for taking the time to read my news and for your support. We wish you good health and hope to see you all again soon.  Until next month – take care and best wishes to everyone, Anita. »


Our Shop is closed at the moment because of Covid-19 restrictions. However, we have a team of dedicated benevoles who are selling items on our Facebook pages. We also have a page on our website BROWSE AND RESERVE (previously CLICK AND COLLECT) where you can purchase some of our special items. We will be happy to receive your requests for books, DVD’s, CD’s and LP’s and our sellers on Facebook will be happy to oblige you and arrange collection and payment. You can also donate via PayPal on our Facebook pages. Please note that the Gee Dee shop at Sept Forges is open on specific Wednesdays (look on Facebook for the dates). Keep safe and healthy. We are looking forward to better times when we can re-open our shop and we will see everyone again.


Well another really difficult month has passed and it’s a bit late getting the February Blog published. We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

First of all a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for the PayPal, cash, cheque and dog food donations. Without your support we could not continue.

We are happy to report that several dogs have found new homes with kind and generous people. You can read the stories of some of them in our Happy Homes page HAPPY HOMES

Unfortunately, as usual, as one dog happily moves to a new home, another comes through the gate and February was no exception to this. Sadly, family break up, ill health or the death of an owner or unemployment are the reasons for our new arrivals this month. We continue to need your support in whatever way possible.

In our Facebook pages you can subscribe to a special page, created by our benevoles, where
you can buy our Bric-a-Brac. See our BROWSE AND RESERVE (previously CLICK AND COLLECT) for more information.

We are looking forward to the better weather and better times. Our Puppy Class is eager to get going.

Keep safe and well.

Best Wishes Anita


27TH JULY 1947 – 24TH JANUARY 2021

Well,,,,sad news arrived for Grande Daze on 24th January. Jenny Dew died at 11.55 am after a year and 23 days in hospital and, I believe, she made it to heaven for lunch! Her funeral was on 1st February and Covid-19 restrictions meant that many of you would not have made it to the service. I still cannot believe she will not arrive here – we miss her.

As a tribute to Jenny we celebrate her life. Many of you new her as the Book Lady or to get your jams but she was so much more. These short paragraphs cannot do her justice. It was an honour to have her as part of my life.

I first met Jenny when she rescued a greyhound named Willow. Willow had no bark but had a bit of a bite around other dogs, so, our adventures began with training a badly behaved greyhound. During the training sessions Jenny’s love for animals shone through. It was obvious that she admired the work Peter and I were doing. To this end Jenny helped us Register as a Rescue and a Charity and our fund raising began.

Hog Roasts, Fairs, Curry Nights, Bangers and Bingo, Bric-a- Brac sales, Dog Fun Days, Dog Training Demos,,,,Jenny was brilliant at all of this,,,she loved it! Jenny had a love for books and helped in the library at Viva for many years, She would also hold book sales at her house. Her memory was amazing! My favourite memories are of the Vide Grens when Jenny would remember the authors of books that people like to read and the flavour of jams they enjoyed – she would have the goods waiting for people to collect.

We would often play a game at the boot fairs. Each of us working on the stall would pick an item and the first one to sell would get a prize of an ice cream, yes, you’ve guessed, Jen would always win – I still owe her four!

Some of you met Jenny at these events, others came because they knew Jenny and wanted to help. It wasn’t long before a mobile home was donated to the Rescue. Along with others Jenny helped organise and open Grande Daze Charity Shop. Jenny really loved the shop and her knowledge of old stuff and all sorts of bric-a brac was remarkable. On her trips to the UK she would often take things to Auction.

All THE FUNDS HELPED MANY DOGS AND CATS. Many of you reading this may well have a Grande Daze Rescue animal and regardless of race, breed or creed Jenny helped us all – she lived for it, she loved it!

The Adventures and memories are endless.




HAPPY 2021

Hello to you all! We are now well into the New Year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one – all of you who have helped Peter and I HELP THE DOGS AND CATS IN OUR CARE, the list is endless, Some of you have done huge things and others small gestures, everything has been very, very much appreciated. EACH AND EVERYONE THANK YOU.

WHAT A YEAR 2020 WAS and it seems Covid is going to be with us for some time to come, so, sadly, at the moment, no news on any events. We are happy to report we are still selling Bric-a-Brac via face book and here on the website. Any one wishing to visit the shop here at Grande Daze can do so via a message on face book. We will be glad to see you.

Re-homing is going well. More and more people are contacting us for a beloved forever home friend.

We would like to wish all of you a very good 2021, good health, happiness and love. We really hope it wont be long before we see all our human helpers and friends,,,,LOVE AND THANKS TO YOU ALL,,,,,,Anita Peter Edwards

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