Adoptions during COVID-19

We have received many concerned phone calls and adoption requests since the French government’s announcement to allow adoptions to continue during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please be assured that Grande Daze is, and always will be, a no-kill rescue centre.

Many Grande Daze rescue animals are re-learning how to trust humans after being mistreated or neglected and need owners who are ready for a lifelong commitment to their pet. We pride ourselves on putting the welfare of our rescue animals first which is why we will not be allowing adoptions or visits during this period.
We are also very conscious of our own health at this time as, should we become ill, who will look after our rescue animals? We ask that you understand and respect this by not visiting us until we announce that we are once again open.

Our adoption policy remains the same during this crisis and no Grande Daze animals will be euthanased because of the ongoing situation.

Should you wish to adopt a rescue animal we would love you to contact us and, when things return to normal, we will invite your whole family to visit the centre to spend time with potential rescue pets under our supervision.

When contacting us to discuss adoption please include the following information:

  • your lifestyle
  • home environment
  • family set up (age, gender, etc of everyone who will be spending time with your pet)
  • what kind of pet you are looking for
  • your experience with animals (previous pets, etc)

Re-homing Policy

Our aim is to find compatible homes for the animals we have rescued. We give advice to new owners and offer a training programme to get to know your pet within a social environment.

Prospective owners are required to pay a donation of at least €100. This fee covers the expenses we have incurred in the rescue and the keep for the animal until re-homing. In some cases the ongoing expense of food and care is a matter of only days, and for others it may be a few months, sometimes even years. All of the donation goes towards the rescued short and long-term residents of Grande Daze to pay for vets bills, food, warmth, grooming materials and other items. The donations also contribute to the immediate needs of the new rescues that come to the Centre.

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