Coronavirus postponements

Dear Friends of Grande Daze, fellow curry lovers and book addicts,

Due to the developing situation with coronavirus, we have to make the following announcements to protect the health of our supporters, ourselves and society at large:

The Curry Night on 28th March is being postponed.

Our decision is a reluctant one. All our helpers have been looking forward to the event and preparations are well in hand.

With your help and support we propose to continue to sell tickets. When the danger of COVID-19 has passed, the curry night will be re-booked.

For those of you who have already purchased tickets, we request your patience and kindness and ask you to keep hold of your tickets until such time we announce the new date.
Of course you do have the option of a refund should this be your decision. Please return to Grande Daze and you will be reimbursed.

Once the situation is resolved, a celebration curry night is to be held so watch this space for details!

The Bargain Book Sale on 29th March is being postponed.

We take our fundraising and events very seriously. Grande daze can only be successful in our endeavours because of the kindhearted, generous people who support us. Everyone’s health and well being is our prime concern and we do not wish to risk anyone’s health.

As we are unable to continue with fundraising events for the moment and we are funded entirely by donations, any and all cash donations will make the difference to us. You can donate by posting a cheque to us, dropping off cash to us, or through our PayPal account.

We are also open for donations of pet food, towels, bedding, leads, collars, etc. Every donation makes a big difference to a small charity like ours.

Our kennels, cattery and grooming services are open as usual.

For up to date agility training information please phone 02 43 90 75 83

Thank you one and all for your patience, support and understanding. Stay well, stay safe and stay calm.

Our thoughts and love to all of you,
Anita and Peter Edwards.

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