Some of our rescue animals require more rehabilitation than others. Lucka was one who needed a lot of “therapy” in the form of love, trust building, and patience. When we found Lucka she was lying on a pallet, her companion dead next to her, having been poisoned, possibly by their owners. We believe them to have been hunting dogs who were now no longer needed or who had not been good enough at hunting. Denise, one of our volunteers, and I carried Lucka to my van and rushed her to the vet where she was operated on. It was a dangerous operation as the poison in her blood meant it wouldn’t clot but our incredible vets saved her life. We cannot thank Julie enough for taking her on and supporting her in every way possible from day one. A truly special adopted mum for a truly special rescue dog.

Lucka is a special girl. The first time I saw Lucka was shocking, she was lying in her bed, so thin and hardly moving. Honestly I wouldn’t have been shocked if this little girl hadn’t made it. Anita did her thing and, although much better, Lucka was still so afraid of all people and couldn’t even look at a man when she arrived home.

Things that she was afraid of sent her running for her life; picking up a broom or shovel had her cowering, raised voices could cause her to pee, any threat caused her to shake in terror. Today, after 4 years, she is a slightly over weight, sometimes bossy to our other girl GSD, but a happy member of our family. The dog who was so afraid of a broom helps muck out the horse (so helpful 5 dogs getting in your way!), but for me having Lucka moving in and out around a pitchfork is a joy. Although still afraid of strangers she is improving all the time. Lucka will be nervous all her life, I am sure of that, but she will never again feel the pain of being hit, or the feeling of threat to her life while we can protect her. She will stay with us forever as valued member of our family.

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